Construction of Walcha Truck Wash Facility

Council is seeking professional organisations that can provide a high standard of capability in the construction of a truck wash in the Walcha Council area.

Please view all documentation below for all information relating to the Tender.  Further information may be obtained by contacting Council's Engineer, Shaun Perkins, on 6774 2515.  This Tender is available on Tenderlink.

The preferred method of submitting Tenders is electronically via Tenderlink.  Tenders may also be submitted to Council's Post Office Box and be clearly marked "TENDER":

"TENDER"                                                                         CLOSING DATE EXTENDED TO: 22 May 2019
Walcha Council
PO Box 2
Walcha  NSW  2354

Volume 1 - Request for Tender - Construct Truck Wash Facility
Volume 2 - Tender Schedules (returnable)
Electrical Upgrade Concept Options
Existing Truck Wash Photos
Walcha Truck Wash Design

Details of the For Earth Treatment System:
For Earth Truckwash Treatment System; Bushmans Brochure 2012; For Earth FE 1 Plumb; For Earth FE 2 Plumb; For Earth FE 3 Plumb; For Earth FE 4 Plumb; For Earth FE 102 dwg.
Geotechnical Report

Fencing detail around aeration slab and updated amenities block plans with hot water system included:
Fence Detail Plan
Walcha Truck Wash Amenities Plan