Council has a number of services as detailed below.  Walcha Council is a progressive rural Council which is responsible for the maintenance of a road network of some 1,150 kilometres and covers an area of 640,028 hectares.  The township of  Walcha is 1,067 metres above sea level.

Council provides the agency for Service NSW.  It is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:45pm.  Service NSW & Walcha Council are working together to provide more NSW Government services including: Driver Licences; Vehicle Registration renewals; Driver Testing; Driver Computer Tests; Unregistered Vehicle Permits; Conditional Registrations; Transfer of Vehicle Registrations; Number Plate Issues and Transfers; Establish Registrations; Boating Licences and Registrations; Applications for Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates and Applications for Contractor Licences. 

The Council maintains water, sewerage, garbage and recycling services.  The Council employs approximately 55 staff plus a number of contractors.

The Council also operates an extremely comprehensive branch of the Central Northern Regional Libraries which provides computer and internet services and carries over 3,000 books ay any one time. 

One of Council's services to the community is the provision and upkeep of the local swimming pool.  It is open from November to March.

Council manages both the General and Catholic Cemeteries in Walcha and cemeteries at Nowendoc and Woolbrook.

The Walcha Council Dog Pound is located at the Council Depot in North Street, Walcha.  Access is restricted to business hours only.

The Walcha Council Community Care is auspiced by Walcha Council and supported by the Walcha Council Community Care Advisory Committee.

The Walcha Preschool is a community based education centre.  Its licence is held by Walcha Council and all administration functions are carried out by the Council.

Council also maintains an aerodrome with gravel main strip and grass cross strip in 'tip top' condition.  The RAAF use the gravel strip on a regular basis for training exercises for their pilots (usually at night).