Council Meeting Audio Recordings

All Council Meetings are to be audio recorded and made available on the Council’s website in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice Part 5.18 & 5.21 which state that the audio recording must be uploaded to Council's website and it is to be retained on Council's website for 12 months.  

The purpose of the audio recordings is to assist in the preparation of minutes, to provide a system of verification to ensure the accuracy of minutes and to provide transparency to the community of the discussion at Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings of Council.  For more information please read our Audio Recording of Meetings Policy.

Audio Recordings per Meeting:
18 December 2019 Ordinary Meeting.
19 February 2020 Ordinary Meeting.
09 March 2020 Extra Ordinary Meeting.
09 April 2020 Extra Ordinary Meeting.
29 April 2020 Ordinary Meeting.
27 May 2020 Ordinary Meeting.
24 June 2020 Ordinary Meeting.
15 July 2020 Extra Ordinary Meeting.
29 July 2020 Ordinary Meeting Part 1
29 July 2020 Ordinary Meeting Part 2
26 August 2020 - due to a technical issue our Ordinary Meeting of Council was not recorded.
30 September 2020 Ordinary Meeting 
28 October 2020 Ordinary Meeting