Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA Act)

On 1 July 2010 the new right to information legislation came into effect, replacing the former Freedom of Information law.  The commencement of the Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA Act) has marked the beginning of a new era in open government in NSW.  The new law:

  • creates new rights to information that are designed to meet community expectations of more open and transparent government
  • encourages government agencies to proactively release government information.

You can find out more about your right to information and new ways to access NSW government information on the Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) website link above.

Accessing our information:
Our Council publishes a range of information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Our current Agency Information Guide, formerly the Publication Guide, is available to download.  Please contact Council if you would like any further information.

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