Financial Sustainability Review

Walcha Council have adopted a budget deficit over the last two financial years which is not a sustainable proposition.  In accordance with Council's procurement policy several quotes were sought to undertake a Financial Sustainability Review.  The proposal from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) provided Council the most robust and cost effective proposal and were subsequently engaged.

After several months of intense data scrutiny, and acknowledging the independent UTS team of Professor Drew, Professor Miyazaki and Professor Ferreira, it is clear that Council is not financially sustainable.  There are a number of reasons for this as outlined in the Reports.
Financial Sustainability Review Report; Efficiency Report; Capacity to Pay Report;  & Debt Capacity Report.
Professor Drew has compiled a number of videos explaining the entire process.  They are :
Dispelling Some Myths ; How Rates Work ; How Special Rate Variations Work ; A short Presentation ;  What the Recently Announced Rate Cap means for our SRV and Where did the Data come from

Council takes the opportunity with the presentation of the independent UTS Reports to also provide our community a better understanding of the 'business of Council'.  To that end please view our "We are Walcha" brochure.

Walcha Council having decided to seek a Special Rate Variation (SRV), unanimously supports a dialogue with its community and this was completed on Wednesday 19 October at the Walcha Bowling Club Community Meeting.  We held 7 community meetings in total and 2 listening engagements direct with our Councillors and General Manager.  

We have 2 surveys for ratepayers.  
The Initial Survey was initially posted to all ratepayers with the "We are Walcha" brochure (link above) and a Fact Sheet.
The  Second Survey was  given to those that attended a Community Meeting.  

Results of Surveys:
The Community Engagement Report by Professor Drew, was collated from the data received via the Surveys.

Any questions?  Please ring us on 6774 2500 or email: