Rates Information

Council's cashiers are located in the council offices on the corner of Derby and Hamilton Streets for the payment of all monies owing to Council.

The cashiers are open to collect payments between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

Ratepayers have the choice of paying their rates in four (4) equal instalments or in one lump sum. You should ensure that payments are received by Council by the due date to ensure that interest charges are not incurred.

1. Rate Instalments
Ratepayers may pay their Rates by four (4) interest free instalments (each being one quarter of the total yearly levy). Where arrears of Rates are outstanding at 1st July, these should be paid with the first instalment.

Interest will however attach to any arrears outstanding on 1st July until the date they are paid.

Council will forward instalment reminders, for the second and subsequent instalments, to all Ratepayers who do not pay their rates in full. The dates for payment of instalments appear on the bottom of your Rate Notice.

Each payment must be received by Council ON OR BEFORE the due dates which are as follows:
1st Instalment - 31 August
2nd Instalment - 30 November
3rd Instalment - 28 February
4th Instalment - 31 May

Please note that there is no interest free period, and if payments are not received by Council on or before the due dates, interest will accrue on a daily basis on the amounts outstanding.

2. Payment in Full
Ratepayers electing to pay Rates in full must do so prior to 31 August. Ratepayers paying their Rates in full by 31 August, will be entered in the draw for the Rate Incentive Scheme, which entitles the winner to $500 to spend within our town.

3. Direct Debit & Emailed Rates Notices
All you have to do is fill in a Request Rate Notice by Email form and a Direct Debit Request form and submit forms to Council.

Any first instalment, not received by Council by 31 August, will attract interest on a daily basis.

Interest Charges
Interest charges on overdue Rates will be calculated daily at 6.0% per annum and will apply in any of the situations detailed below:
* Arrears outstanding.

* Late or non-payment of instalments by the due date.

Payment of Rates
For information regarding Payment of Rates.

If you have any enquiries or difficulties paying your rates, please contact the Rates Officer on the number below.

Contact Details
Walcha Council
Phone: 02 6774 2500
Fax: 02 6777 1181
Email: council@walcha.nsw.gov.au