Rebates for Pensioners

Ratepayers receiving certain pensions MAY be eligible for some Rate relief if:

  1. they are the registered owner/s of and reside sole on the rate property both at the date Rates are issued AND at the date of application.
  2. Applicant/s hold a Pensioner Benefits Card or letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs declaring eligibility.
  3. If a person becomes an eligible pensioner after the day on which the Rates were issued, the person is eligible to a reduction in Rates proportionate to the number of full quarters remaining after the day on which the person becomes an eligible pensioner.

Recipients of a War Widows pension may be eligible for a Rate reduction, subject to a State Government imposed means test.

Pensioners who received a rebate in previous years and whose circumstances have not changed, should receive an automatic reduction on their Rate Notice. Council will show on the Rate Notice the amount of rebate granted and a listing of instalments, should you wish to pay by the instalment method.

Enquiries should be made with Council's Rates Officer.  Please fill in the Pensioner Concession Application Form and lodge with Council.

Please ensure that BOTH the Pensioner Benefits card and your Rate Notice are presented when making an application for a Rate Reduction.

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