Water Charges

On 1 July 2005 Walcha Council adopted the new (Best Practice) Water, Sewer and Trade Waste pricing required by the NSW State Government. Best Practice pricing provides:

  • Appropriate pricing signals to enable customers to balance the benefits and the costs of their use of the services provided by Council
  • For the removal of significant cross-subsidies between residential and non-residential users and
  • Encourages the efficient use of water resources and protection of the environment

Under Best Practice pricing, charges for water will continue to be a combination of an access charge and a usage charge. However, the access charge will be based on the size of the water meter serving the property and the usage charge will be a two-tiered tariff with a higher cost for water use exceeding 300 kilolitres.

Further details of the Water Charges are available by downloading the Fees & Charges located under About the Council on the side menu.

Payment of Water Charges

Water meters are read in February, May, August & November and Water Rates payments are then due in March, June, September and December.

Please note that there is no interest free period, and if payments are not received by Council on or before the due dates, interest will accrue on a daily basis on the amounts outstanding.

For more information regarding payment of Water, Rates and Other Charges, please Click here

Interim Water Accounts

 If you are involved in a commercial business which uses significant amounts of water you now have the ability to read your own water meter(s) and submit this reading to Council before the 15th day of each month.  Council will then send you an interim water account.  This facility requires some configuration for each individual user, so you will need to register for this service by contact Council's Water Billing Department on 02 6774 2500 or send an email to:  council@walcha.nsw.gov.au 

Contact Details

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