Application form for standard conveyancing certificates is available for download here.

The Application form, as a PDF document, includes request for:

  • Environmental Planning & Assessment Act Certificates: S.10.7 (2); S.10.7 (5); S.6.23 & S.9.30
  • Local Government Act Certificates: Rates and Charges S.603 Certificate & S.735A
  • Sewer Service Diagram
  • Special Water Meter Readings

The attached form is to be completed with appropriate payment attached (cheque payable to Walcha Council) and mailed to:

Walcha Council
PO Box 2
Walcha  NSW  2354

Other Environmental Services application forms (including Development Applications) are listed below:

For more information, including lodgement, please speak to the Development Department.

Contact Details:
Development Department
P - 02 6774 2500
E -