Namoi Councils meet this Friday for the final formal meeting of the Pilot Joint Organisation. The Minister for Local Government will be attending and I look forward to the opportunity to again put forward Walcha's case to be a stand alone Council within the model of a Joint Organisation. Walcha has already greatly enhanced its capacity through this structure and with neighbouring Councils, and these relationships will only become stronger. I will certainly pass on the anguish and frustration our Council and community is feeling.

Clr Janelle Archdale
Mayor of Walcha


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Fit for the Future Submission Completed!

Walcha Council has completed their submission and it is available on the IPART website: .  

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From 6:00pm Tuesday, 23 June 2015 Level 2 Water Resrtictions will take effect. 


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Annual Budget

Walcha Council's Operational Plan for 2015/2016 was approved at the June Ordinary Meeting of Council.  This Plan includes the Annual Budget and the Fees & Charges for 15/16

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