Thank you Walcha for attending the Community Meetings which includes the Regional Meetings.  Thank you also for listening to Professor Drew.  Currently we are collating the Surveys however we would really appreciate if those that attended the meetings could fill in the Community Meeting Survey (second survey).  A copy can be picked up (and returned to) Council Office or is available on the Financial Sustainability Review page. 

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Clr Eric Noakes
Mayor of Walcha


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Walcha's Weather Station

Walcha has a Weatherlink website page which has the temperature, the wind, humidity, rain and the barometer reading. Access it below   


The Delivery Program 2022-2025 is combined with the 2022-2023 Operational Plan in one document.  This document is available ! 


Walcha Council's Community Strategic Plan 2032 was adopted at the June Ordinary Meeting of Council.  This Plan is the blueprint for the future of the Walcha Local Government Area.

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