Local Government Elections

Walcha is divided into four wards where Councillors are elected from each ward by electors enrolled in that ward. Our Councillors from 2016 and Wards are:

Ward A:

Clr Peter Blomfield and Clr Rachael Wellings

Ward B:

Clr Eric Noakes - Mayor and Clr Clint Lyon 

Ward C:

Clr Jennifer Kealey - Deputy Mayor and Clr Scott Kermode

Ward D:

Clr Bill Heazlett - and Clr Kevin Ferrier


In Walcha, the Mayor is elected by the Councillors at the first Council meeting following their election, however the Electoral Office is not involved in those elections.  The Mayor is elected every second year by the Councillors in September.  The Mayor was last elected in 2020 for 12 months only - until the next election.

Elections are held in September in every fourth year.  The last election was held on 10 September 2016 and the next election will be held on 04 September 2021 due to the elections being postponed for 12 months.  

Below is a link to the Electoral Commission NSW website which gives you more information on the Local Government Elections, such as the timetable for closing dates for Electoral Rolls, Nominations, Postal and pre-poll voting. Click here to go to Electoral Commission NSW Website.

Also, here is the link to our council election information page on the Electoral Commission website.

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